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released January 16, 2015



all rights reserved


Black Mountain Hunger Asheville, North Carolina

Dan S - Guitar
Dave Q - Drums
Baylen F - Vocals
Jeff C - Guitar
Jesse V - Bass

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Track Name: Lune
Her sky is black, her light is pale
She burns, she Froze
She lights the way

She drifts away, she pulls the sea
She helps me divine
She makes me bleed

The night is the moon, so wild and black
it burns so cold, upon my back

White as eggshell, white as bone

Luna Lusca
Lana Lavida

She coaxes me, closer to her
Her face is dark and growing

Horns pointed west

Only midnight knows
Midnight knows what happened to her

She drifts away, she pulls the sea
she helps me divine

and she makes me bleed

And the blood runs, so wild and free

She always follows, she always follows me

Her sky is black her light is pale
She burns, she froze

She lights the way

She dies,
and is reborn
Track Name: Concubine
I am a concubine
in fertile teeming darkness

I have been lost and loved

Have been lost and loved

At the edge of a body
A lost body

Our skin was set to fire
In the gaunt ruins of a dark tower

Now I know what it is
to truly be alone

He pressed his blade
into my tongue

I show him the back
of my neck

And the blood and the blood

He sups the flesh,
and the blood

The crows in my throat,
they all scream at once

Slowly taken apart

I die every time

Now I know what it is
to be truly alone

All the lies, the lies you tell

He pressed his tongue
into my blade

And the blood and the blood
It runs, It runs

Now you will suffer
At the hands of a
c o n c u b i n e

Blood for blood
Head for head
Body for body
Track Name: Harbingers
The dying healer stands ashore
He’s buried his limbs the night before

Outer-most darkness finds its way in
It has disturbed the equilibrium

Keeper of bones, I know thy face

Did you see it?
An omnipresence
A cruel archetype

A pale glow, a weakened light

You beckon me from a river
that would drown us both

Signo Signum

He has voided course
for far too long

The birds have spoken
Your time has come
to an end

Keeper of bones
I know thy face